Want to get instant access to the hottest market in the Western Hemisphere?

Canada is one of the fastest growing and most stable economies in the world. It has withstood the economic downturn better than any of the G8 countries and is now thriving again. Your company can gain immediate access to this territory without the capital & operational costs required to open branches in a new market. Don’t let these challenges keep you from taking advantage of the sturdy Canadian economy.

Since 1990 The Goodyman has specialized in the customs & brokering, warehousing, sales, logistics, distribution, and administration of snack food and baked goods from suppliers throughout North America. We act as your Canadian liaison and tend to every aspect of your business operations north of the border. In addition to our just in time inventory, streamlined efficient operations, and accomplished sales staff, our turnkey operation will give you instant market penetration and immediately increase your profit by eliminating costly overheads typically incurred during expansion. While you are tending to your existing business base, The Goodyman is busy helping you expand.

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